The Mission:

I Taste The Italy We Love. This sentence expresses all the “Italian genuineness”, usually known as the greatest in terms of beauty, art, finish, pleasure and taste.
Our mission: to satisfy the North American market’s hunger for Italian product.

How we implement:
- Franchising Operation as well as Distribution -
When goods arrive by ocean, they are stowed in the TICE warehouse to be later distributed to the customer destination.
 Currently, the distribution process is growing in order to open new logistic warehouses in New York, Los Angeles and Miami.

Business Concept

The TICE business concept is based on combining some of the most famous and genuine Italian product types in order to form a  unique package with an exceptional market attraction. Franchising and Distribution are the primary ways to bring to consumers the high value of the TICE proposals with the status of a “No Profit Company”: the best quality at the minimum price.

TICE’s key support tool: providing Franchises and Distributors with a tasting program through local shows and/or through direct events.

Why Join TICE

Joining TICE is the guarantee to properly present a genuine Italian Product to the North American Markets, maintaining prices at their lowest level because TICE is a nonprofit organization, entitled to receive marketing support from European government institutions and agencies. 
For North American Customers interested in Italian products and/or Italian technology, TICE is a perfect point of reference: high competency, top manufacturers, advanced technology. In addition to that, TICE’s duties includes entry processes through U.S. Customs, Food an Drug Administration (FDA) and TBB to assure American customers and European companies easy handling of logistics.


TICE The Italian Consortium Export - Via G.B. Morgagni, 10 - 40122 Bologna - Italy
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